The textbooks recommended for the English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum were reviewed and evaluated by a committee of Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) ELA teachers using the current, customized North American Division (NAD) Marzano Secondary English Standards, and other established criteria, to inform the selection process. The recommended textbook list is constructed for a standards-based curriculum, and no single publisher can be unilaterally and unequivocally recommended. The following recommendations are deemed to be effective resources to support a standards-based instructional program; however, publishers have not created a textbook that is fully aligned with SDA Christian values.

Every effort has been made to evaluate textbook and digital resources and make specific selections based on the appropriateness of the material to support quality instruction in an Adventist school; furthermore, attention was given to NAD Technology Guidelines for selecting curriculum. All recommendations include both digital and physical resources. Each Adventist ELA teacher should review selections and use his or her good judgment to align materials with the Adventist worldview and the expectations of the constituent community. It is also important that the Adventist ELA teacher create a curriculum that encompasses a well-rounded approach to teaching grammar, vocabulary, writing, close-reading of literary and informational texts, speaking, and listening.

Trends in content delivery have changed to reach the 21st century student. Digital options offer more engagement with the learning material and inspire students to take ownership of and develop agency in their learning process. This is represented through the change of secondary ELA platform publications and is reflected through empowering teachers with customizable options.

When placing orders or seeking assistance, teachers should reference the contact list found in this document. Teachers are encouraged to contact the publishers to request preview access to textbooks and digital materials to facilitate the selection process.

Contact Information for Publishers

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Holt McDougal

Contact Person: Robert Sheridan
Senior Vice President, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Email: Robert.Sheridan@hmhco.com
Phone: (512) 795-3208


Contact Person: Mary Philpott
Accounts Manager for Seventh-day Adventist Education in North America
Email: mary.philpott@pearson.com 
Phone: (804) 564-6741
Fax: (703) 842-8496


Contact Person: Kimberly Fraizer
National Account Representative for Seventh-day Adventist Education in North America
Email: Kimberly.fraizer@mheducation.com
Phone: (866) 569-3592

Grade 9

Grade 9 texts emphasis developing an understanding of literary genres and using the writing process to produce paragraphs and papers of 5 paragraphs; as well as listening skills, grammar skills, study skills, and reference skills.

Grade 10

Grade 10 texts emphasis is placed on developing an understanding of literary elements, devices, and themes of modern literature in addition to using the writing process to produce specific types of papers. Speaking and listening skills, vocabulary skills, study and reference skills, and a study of mass media are also included.

Grade 11

Grade 11 texts involve the study of literature, language, and composition; with an emphasis placed on developing an understanding of major authors, periods, features, and themes of American literature. There is also a focus on using the writing process to produce specific types of papers, including literary analysis, the documented argumentative essay, and a research paper.

Grade 12

Through the study of a variety of text types and media, students build knowledge, analyze ideas, delineate arguments, and develop writing, collaboration, and communication skills.