Pearson myPerspectives: English Language Arts © 2022 with digital online emphasis (2021)

Publisher: Pearson

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (Grade 9): 9780328920938
  • Student (Grade 10): 9780328920945
  • Student (Grade 11: American Literature): 9780328920952
  • Student (Grade 12: British Literature): 9780328920969
  • Teacher (Grade 9): 9780133338683
  • Teacher (Grade 10): 9780133338690
  • Teacher (Grade 11: American Literature): 9780133338706
  • Teacher (Grade 12: British Literature): 9780133338713

Contact the company representative for ISBN numbers for online/eText editions.

  • Available as interactive, digital online edition; hardback; and write-in, consumable, soft cover textbook with supplemental material.
  • Understanding that Seventh-day Adventists do not produce their own secondary ELA resources and that not every work in this collection is endorsed by the NAD, this resource has been vetted. This textbook resource offers digital online customizable curriculum selections. Teachers are encouraged to review each selection before introducing it to their students. Teachers should use their good judgement as to whether or not the material aligns with the Adventist worldview and the expectations of their constituent community.
  • Notable Features/Components:
  • Thematically organized content
  • Close reading focus
  • Lexile levels accessible
  • Text complexity rubrics
  • Integrated ELL support (Spanish language experience)
  • Online automated essay feedback through generated prompts
  • Diagnostic and benchmark (beginning, mid-year, end-of-year) assessment resources with daily selection and unit level assessments. Real time actionable data.
  • Scaffolding process: whole class (teacher lead), small group, then independent learning performance-based assessment
  • Addresses multiple types of learning modes: digital, write-in textbook, audio: unit-aligned video library
  • Intentional student engagement
  • Strong writing emphasis
  • Ability to annotate and highlight text with online edition
  • Integrated vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics
  • Relevant digital supplements, including current events
  • Resources can be aligned for student proficiency
  • Free plagiarism check source
  • Editable writing support
  • Schoology, IMS Global, Google, Canvas compatible
  • Easy to navigate student platform
  • Interactive mini-lessons that are editable and printable
  • Power Points available
  • Authentic narrator with all texts
  • Google extension for off-line use
  • Fosters student agency and ownership through effective communication and defense of student perspectives
  • Understanding by Design (UbD) Performance-based assessment
  • Writing revision assistant support
  • In person, synchronous and asynchronous training
  • Collection of engaging contemporary and traditional literature
  • Aesthetic design with engaging layout
  • Backward designed from standards-based learning outcomes. All activities, instruction, and assessments contribute to students demonstrating their learning in response to a Performance-Based Assessment.
  • Notes
  • While content is aligned with Common Core standards and adapted to state standards, customized NAD Marzano standards are not included
  • Reading content not fully NAD endorsed. Teach with discernment.