Grade 12

Course Focus

LA.12.1 Identify SDA Christian principles and values in correlation with language arts.
LA.12.1.1 Broaden intellectual abilities through the study of God’s Word.
LA.12.1.2 Discover personal meaning that leads to enjoyment in the study of God’s Word.
LA.12.1.3 Apply Biblical principles of Christian morality, integrity, and ethical behavior to all aspects of life.
LA.12.1.4 Value God’s inspired writings and created works as sources of His revelation.
LA.12.1.5 Make Biblically-based choices when encountering all forms of media communication.
LA.12.1.6 Employ Christian principles as a basis for appreciation and expression.

Course Abilities

LA.12.2 Develop abilities in language arts.
LA.12.2.1 Develop higher thinking (analyze, evaluate, classify, predict, generalize, solve, decide, relate, interpret, simplify)
LA.12.2.2 Utilize appropriate communications (present, demonstrate, persuade, collaborate, explain, defend, recommend)
LA.12.2.3 Develop goal setting/attainment skills(brainstorm, envision, research, plan, organize, persist)
LA.12.2.4 Understand and utilize the writing process (plan, draft, analyze, and revise)
LA.12.2.5 Develop vocabulary (root, prefix, suffix, etymology, usage)
LA.12.2.6 Evaluate media (accuracy, validity, reliability, manipulation)
LA.12.3 Be able to read, write, speak, and listen for a variety of purposes.
LA.12.3.1 Use multiple sources of literature, including mass media.
LA.12.3.2 Conduct research (locate, observe/gather, analyze, conclude).
LA.12.3.3 Read/write/present technical material (charts, graphs, bids, etc.) using technology.

Course Content

LA.12.4 Be able to interpret literature and relate it to personal identity, ideas, events, emotions, and attitudes.
LA.12.4.1 Explain with justification the author’s intended meaning.
LA.12.4.2 Use textual evidence to justify an interpretation of literary works.
LA.12.4.3 Justify how literary works relate to life.
LA.12.4.4 Summarize intellectual and emotional responses to literature.
LA.12.4.5 Identify with justification how literary works reflect the values/attitudes of another place/time/culture.
LA.12.4.6 Demonstrate understanding by summarizing, asking questions, and recalling information.
LA.12.5 Be able to produce a variety of written forms for multiple purposes and audiences.
LA.12.5.1 Produce quality examples in several of the following forms: personal and expository essays, research papers, position papers, want ads, journals, summaries, reports, and forms of technical writing.
LA.12.5.2 Answer essay questions with appropriate format and textual references or other support.
LA.12.5.3 Gather background information from primary and secondary sources.
LA.12.5.4 Choose and write in appropriate styles and formats for specific audiences and purposes (to persuade, inform, entertain, inspire, etc.).
LA.12.5.5 Use correct grammar and mechanics.
LA.12.5.6 Understand copyright laws and plagiarism.
LA.12.6 Be able to use communication skills for transitioning to college, vocation, or career.
LA.12.6.1 Complete job, college, and other applications neatly, clearly, honestly, and correctly.
LA.12.6.2 Select and apply for scholarships.
LA.12.6.3 Develop and maintain a resume.
LA.12.6.4 Prepare for an interview by doing background research and anticipating questions.
LA.12.6.5 Reflect Christian principles through decorum, language, dress, and courtesy.
LA.12.6.6 Answer questions honestly using clear, positive, and standard English.
LA.12.6.7 Develop a strong Christian work ethic which respects the dignity of labor.