Carnegie Mirrors & Windows (2021)

Publisher: Carnegie

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (Grade 9): 978-1-53383-666-3
  • Student (Grade 10):
  • Student (Grade 11): 978-1-53383-668-7
  • Student (Grade 12): 978-1-53383-669-4
  • Teacher (Grade 9): 978-1-53383-673-1
  • Teacher (Grade 10): 978-1-53383-674-8
  • Teacher (Grade 11): 978-1-53383-675-5
  • Teacher (Grade 12): 978-1-53383-676-2

Contact the company representative for ISBN numbers for online/eText editions.

  • Integrated reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar textbook
  • Diverse and canonical authors
  • Connected to CASEL (Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning) framework for student-centered instruction
  • Close read scaffolds alongside the text
  • Gradual Release approach (Guided, Directed, then Independent reading)
  • Imbedded ETS plagiarism checker
  • Text-specific to text-dependent, customizable performance tests
  • Offers extended writing options for reading sections
  • Multiple genres captured within each unit
  • Authentic audio reading for every selection
  • Expansive digital catalogue available
  • FLIPGRID – customizable virtual spaces for students to collaborate
  • Access Editions available hard cover or online: Full-length novels which include reading scaffolding and support, response questions, literary and historical context, creative and critical writing activities, vocabulary, selections for additional reading, and projects
  • Novel Studies: an online platform teacher guide which includes anticipation activities, parent letters, shared resources, book discussions, writing activities and extensions (also available in Spanish) – novels must be purchased independently
  • Lexile included
  • PASSPORT learning platform
  • Lesson Bundles include multi-day directions, assignments, and deadlines with customizing options
  • FAST FORWARD Program offering gamified cognitive skills focusing on cognitive processing, reading, and language -- personalized adaptive practice (optional)
  • ACT/SAT practice tests available
  • EDULASTIC: customizable assessment from assessment libraries, real time data during test taking with live class board. Data used to analyze standards’ mastery.
  • Direct Instruction (DI) for English Language Learners (ELL) to include literacy and reading skills, vocabulary preview, and language development (optional)
  • Writing and grammar workbook (optional)
  • Professional learning team and live IT customizable support
  • Notes:
  • Material is printable but not downloadable (must be accessed online)
  • While content is aligned with Common Core standards and adapted to state standards, customized NAD Marzano standards are not included
  • Reading content not fully NAD endorsed. Teach with discernment.